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Filtered through 13,000 feet of pristine lava rock. The ONLY Hawaiian artesian water bottled exclusively at the source. Hawaiian Springs harvests its water from renewable aquifers and immediately bottles it in the attractive, durable, fully recyclable containers found in your local market. A naturally alkaline pH of 7.7+ and is a perfect balance of taste and minerals, ideal for hydrating your body: Silica: 37mg/L Calcium: 6mg/L Magnesium: 3mg/L Potassium: 2mg/L, Total Dissolved Solids: 84mg/L Certified Kosher

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Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water… Is a premium water bottled at its source, an aquifer world renowned for its purity and carefully monitored and protected. Contains nutrients and electrolytes, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The body requires electrolytes to help cells hydrate rapidly. Provides an optimum level of electrolytes, creating the perfect balance between healthy hydration and a clean, soft taste. Accounts for our natural electrolytes and alkalinity of pH 7.7, which is ideal for hydration and health. Provides a unique mixture of minerals like magnesium, calcium and silica. Presence of silica is higher in waters from volcanic sources and accounts for Hawaiian Springs soft mouth feel. Creates a fresh, clean, crisp and slightly sweet taste.

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